Assignment that I am most proud of

The assignment that I am most proud of is my photos from the film cameras in Yarmouth and Portland. I am the proudest of this assignment in particular because of the amount of effort I put into every picture. I started off the year with no knowledge of how to use a film camera, and I am leaving seriously considering getting one for myself. I love how all my pictures turned out and I am very proud of them because I worked so hard at putting them on paper. I also learned so much while completing the long process. I learned about processing film, I built upon my knowledge of the darkroom, and I learned about enlarging film into photos. I had no idea what it took to process film, but it ended up being very similar to developing photos. Many of the same chemicals were used for longer times. I now feel like a pro in the darkroom after being left alone in there for two classes. Finally, I learned a lot about enlarging photos with the enlarger. Which I had some experience with in photo 1, bu…

Most Memorable Experiences

One of my most memorable learning experiences was the first assignment we did with learning the different depths of field and motions. This impacted my learning because it was the basis for all of my photographs during the semester. From the beginning, this learning was prominent in all of my assignments. After I finally learned how to use my camera in manual mode, I photographed in it for every bi-weekly or other assignment. Without this knowledge I obtained during the first couple of days, I would still be using modes to photograph. By far, this is the most important and memorable thing I learned in photo 2.

Another memorable learning experience I had was with the photographer emulation project. I thought this project was so fascinating, and I loved it. But I also learned a lot about it. I learned that it is very tough but rewarding work to see the world through a different photographer's eyes. For example, when I was taking my first set of emulation photos, I thought they were…

Black and White Darkroom Photos

Purpose: To learn how to use a film camera to help understand manual exposure; To learn the process of exposing, developing and printing from black & white film in the traditional darkroom setting.
What were the most important things you learned about exposing, processing, and printing photographs. Please be specific. The most important things I learned about exposing, processing, and printing photographs was how careful you have to be, and how much responsibility it is. There is so much that goes into taking a photo on a film camera. You have to be aware of the light meter, f-stop, and shutter speed all at the same time so your picture doesn't come out overexposed or underexposed. You also have to be aware of you shutter speed and f-stop, so it comes out with the effect you intended, for example deep or shallow. Also so your shutter speed isn't too low you need a tripod to take your photo. In processing you need to make sure you are watching the clock and keeping track of how…

Man vs Nature

Purpose: To become familiar with and practice basic photo editing and other photoshop tools; To think about your photographs in a different way; To use conceptual skills to make  purposeful artistic decisions
Which image is the most successful? Explain why... what specifically are most proud? I think that the most successful image is the second one. I think this because it really embodies the theme of the project and is some of my most creative work. When I was looking at the examples I couldn't find much inspiration, so I had to work from my own ideas. This was one of my first ideas and I was able to execute it in the best way I could. I am very proud of this assignment because I pushed my boundaries and worked very hard to make it look cool. Specifically I am most proud of the trees. I most proud of them because it took me three days alone to cut out the branches. I also solved problems that arose, and made it look better than it originally had. For example, the image had the sun …

Bi-Weekly #3- Friendship

One time, at Pat's Pizza's ice cream window I was sending snapchats featuring my friend Aidan who was paying for my ice cream. After a couple of pictures he says something along the lines of "who's that good looking guy" and I laughed because I assumed he was talking about himself. But then at the end he adds "oh it's you". So I hit him really hard.

Bi-Weekly #2- Glass

Shatter Chip  Crack Bend Break Don't cut yourself on the pieces Don't get distracted by the false rainbow It is easy tricked looking through the distorted view Yet as clear as can be.

Bi-Weekly Set 2 #1- Spring Has Sprung

Barefooted feeling the mud between your toes and the sticks. The sun was shining down on us,  the light illuminating the dark banishing the last remnants of the long winter. I can't remember the last time  it was like this. Care free. Excited. one day closer  to the big plans only the trees overheard. The bubbling laughter and empty screams for our ears only. Our stories, our cameras, these moments, for our eyes only.