Bi-Weekly Set 2 #1- Spring Has Sprung

Barefooted feeling the mud between your toes and the sticks. The sun was shining down on us,  the light illuminating the dark banishing the last remnants of the long winter. I can't remember the last time  it was like this. Care free. Excited. one day closer  to the big plans only the trees overheard. The bubbling laughter and empty screams for our ears only. Our stories, our cameras, these moments, for our eyes only.

Bi-Weekly #5- Water

Calm after the Storm
amidst the chaos the grey skies  the foggy air small pure  drops cover everything nourishing the newborn grass come alive after the long winter. the one thing we know for sure  after the raging bellowing thunder and the striking cracking  lighting there is the calm every single time

Emulation Video Project: William Eggleston


Bi-Weekly #4- Sentimental

This stained sweater belonged to someone clumsy. It is obvious to tell from the big brown spots all over. You can see this man enjoyed his coffee, although he couldn't keep it all in his cup. This sweater is now in the hands of a tired mother. She wears the soft, cashmere sweater to bed, and when the wind is too cold. This sweater envelops her in warmth when she needs it. But she also has a sneaky daughter. One with sticky fingers, and the desire to be just like her mom. So, of course she wears it to bed and sniffs the faint scent of the familiar detergent. However, she is clumsy. Just like her grandfather. She likes her peanut butter and jelly bagels, although she couldn't keep it on her plate.

Photographer Emulation Project Planning: William Eggleston

Biloxi, Mississipi, 1972
Untitled, 1970-1973
William Eggleston was born in Memphis and grew up in a small Mississippi town. He struggled with figuring out what he wanted to do with his life. He went to an array of colleges but never got a degree. In the late 1950s, a friend told him he should buy a camera, and it changed his life. He began taking shots around his house using black and white film until he later became the pioneer of color photography.
William Eggleston was inspired by Walker Evans who traveled the U.S. during the Great Depression capturing images of people dealing with hardships during that time. He was also inspired by a French photographer named Henri Carter-Bresson who took specialized in street photography.
I chose this photographer because his work really stood out to me due to the vintage aspects of her photographs, and the colors used in his photographs. Immediately I started comparing his pictures to what modern towns and cars look like. He is also able to capture …

Bi-Weekly #3: Free Choice

The wind whispered in his ears. The cold bit at his nose and fingers. His blanket was wrapped tightly around him. He was waiting.
He stood there with a particular expression. Persistent and resilient. With a gaze as cold as the ice surrounding him Almost like he had done this a million times before. He was going to wait.

Custom Layouts

As a result of doing this project I learned many new techniques to apply to my future work in photoshop. Including how layers can change the whole photo entirely and how it can make the layout more cohesive. I learned how to play with the editing aspects of photoshop, for example, brightness, contrast, exposure, and even cool filters. I learned how to make borders and how they can make the layout look less messy and more unified. Finally, I learned how to change the opacity to make photos more subtle or to make them transition into each other smoothly. Out of these new techniques, the ones I am most proud are editing, layering, and changing the opacity. My first layout is a clear example of using layers of different colors to make the whole picture more unified. In this one I wanted to show the age without making the whole thing too messy. To do this I made new layers and colored them varying shades of yellow and changed the opacity until I got the desired effect. My third layout is a…